Hardcore Puppets

Overwhelmed by the quasi-religious ambiance, tourists receive the messages from the great corporate powers at Times Square, the greatest capitalist enclave, pinnacle of consumer’s spirituality celebrated through spectacular display.

We know that capitalist forces have such creative energy. M&M’s world’s store  proves that no matter the usefulness of a product, a brand concept can be successfully marketed in multiple forms: M&M’s colored characters make the theme for two floors full of toys, pencil cases, key holders, buttons, backpacks, eyeglasses, small size plastic characters, human size furry characters and fountains with a huge variety of presentations of the product.

In that universe of absurd fantasy, real needs fade away as people  start navigating the immense waters of the capitalist imagination. There´s little promotion of any other kind of activity that does not involve an economic transaction: whether it is drinking at the sports themed bars or finding a souvenir to take home, it´s all about shopping and living the Branded City.

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